Help for SRGC Families


Below are a list of 41 SRGC Families who lost their homes.

Please help in any way you can. Over $5000 already donated!!

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Redwood Credit Union (RCU), in partnership with RCU Community Fund, The Press Democrat, and Senator Mike McGuire, is now accepting financial donations to aid relief efforts and assist victims of the 2017 North Bay fires. 100% of your tax-deductible donations will go directly to support those affected by the fires.

When you donate, you can choose to support any of the four counties affected: Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, or Lake. You may also designate "all," and your funds will be equally distributed among all four counties.

We’ll update information regularly, so please check back often.

The easiest way to designate your dollars is to donate online by selecting the Donate Now button.


Do you want to donate to Fire Victims in our community? Click the links below at Redwood Credit Union and the Rotary District 5130, and follow the directions......

Other SRGC Families who have lost their home’s but do not have “Go Fund Me” pages..........

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  16. *The Aldrich Family

  17. *The Arora Family

  18. *The Reed Family

  19. *The Wagner Family

  20. *The Campos Family

  21. *The Lopez Family

  22. *The Howlett Family

  23. *The Kallman Family

  24. *The Carranza Family

  25. *The Diaz Family

  26. *The Dunlop Family

  27. *The Cardenas Family

  28. *The O’callahan Family

  29. *THe Ramos Family

  30. *The Bernstein Family

“Tonight as we boxed up the supplies to go out to donation centers tomorrow and cleaned up the gym for classes and workouts; I am struck with an overwhelming sense of thankfulness. I'm thankful that the gym survived and that we were able to help so many. I'm thankful to have met so many wonderful human beings, Seth Barrett, Kate Pitts (Who came in like a beautiful tornado with supplies and gift cards), Susannah Jane, Mary, Willow, Rich, Dia, John  and Steve.    Obviously, some of these people I do not even know their last names. They are random people who walked into my gym with donations and then stayed to help me, sometimes for days (Seth!). 😍

The SRGC past and present families and gymnasts who donated supplies, money, gift cards, plastic bins and their time! Sorting and helping, bringing us coffee and food. Dan Stewart, Amy Fryling, Alexis Shipe, Honora Shipe, Ema, Sammy, Billy Occhipinti, Ryokan, Kelsey Taylor, and The Jackson family. Cherie, who donated $300, Vanessa Vander Heide who drove up from SoCal to deliver Leotards. Tami Hucke Norgrove and Bear Republic Brewing Co. donated not only the plastic bin's that I needed, but also tons of Target Gift cards for our families in need. 😘

The gymnastic community such as Byers Roseville Gymnastics -- Rhonda Brandon-Hawkins and her daughter Jackie, who drove here with 2 trucks filled with supplies, Leotards and money for our victims. Novato- Perry Siu,  Windsor -Joan Mora, REG-Eric Van der Meer, Bayshore-Erica Bollefer Meitz and GymWorld gymnastics who all offered their help and a place for our gymnasts to train.❤️

My Dojo family, my Sensei - Steve Curley, Jessie Rose, the Conrads, Jesus Maza and family, Scott McEvoy and Sharon McEvoy who all donated supplies, Cliff bars, food and time!🙏

My Rotary Family, Tarina Hall, Ginny Pitts, Bill Gunter, Bill Dodson, Toodie Dodson, Mary Valinoti, and  Kris Lepore, all gave and worked hours on end.✌️

And my own family, Jason,  Darlene Fellows, Katherine Hansen, Bubba, Eric Hincher and Julie Hincher, who had my back every step of the way.😍

I apologize if I forgot anybody, it's been a whirl wind of a week. I always say "it takes a village", well this village just kicked ass! I am so proud of our community for coming together and giving graciously, humbly, and without question. We are severely damaged, but we will rebuild and recover. The love in the air is truly thicker than the smoke and my heart is spilling over. From the bottom of this mess of a heart...... Thank you my friends.

Signing out for the night....... Be safe, stay strong.” --Darcie Fellows💪