Girls Classes


Recreational Classes......



1 Hour Classes


Level A (Beginner)

       Monday:   3:30 ages 5-6   

                        4:30 ages 4-7

                        4:30 ages 6-9

                        5:30 ages 7+

                        6:30 ages 7+

        Tuesday:   3:30 ages 4-6

                        4:45 ages 5-7

                        5:30 ages 7+

        Wed:        3:30 ages 7+

                        3:45 ages 4-6

       Thursday:   3:30 Ages 7+

                        4:00 Ages 7+

                        5:00 ages 4-6

                        5:30 ages 6-8

        Friday:      3:30 ages 4-6

                        4:30 ages 4-6

        Saturday:  9:00 ages 4-6

                        10:00 ages 4-6

                        11:00 ages 6-9

              Level B (Novice)

        Monday:   4:30 ages 7-10

                        5:30 ages 8-10

        Tuesday:   3:30 ages 6-9

                        5:30 ages 7-10

        Wed:        3:30 ages 7-10

                        3:45 ages 8+

                        4:30 ages 8+

       Thursday:  3:30 ages 7+

                        4:00 ages 8+

                        5:00 ages 6-8

                        5:00 ages 7-9      

        Friday:      4:30 ages 7-10

                        5:30 ages 8+

        Saturday:  10:00 ages 7+

                        11:00 ages 8+

       Level C (Intermediate)

       Tuesday:  5:30 ages 9+

       Wed:         3:45 ages 9+  

       Thursday:  4:30 ages 8-12

        Friday:      4:30 ages 8-10


For information on the benefit of gymnastics,

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Girls recreational gymnastic classes are for girls four years old and up. The classes are one hour in duration and multiple classes may be taken through out the week. Our student teacher ratio on these types of classes is 8:1.

Children will develop strength, flexibility, coordination, discipline and self-confidence through the mastery of fundamental and progressive gymnastic instruction. Girls will work on all the women’s events: Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor. They will also work on 3 different types of trampolines, as well as many other learning tools such as our climbing wall used to teach the necessary gymnastic and motor skills.

All Classes are organized on the basis of age, gender, and ability. Advancement from one level to the next is based on the guidelines set by USA Gymnastics and  Santa Rosa Gymnastics Center. See our Skill Card at the front desk for more information on the required skills at each level.

Developmental Classes......

These are invitation only, developmental gymnastic classes. They are for girls five years old and up. The classes consist of 2-3 hour pre-competitive sessions designed to train the student for a competitive career. The student teacher ratio is 10:1. Students must be at a B level or above to be chosen for these types of classes.

Students will work on the more advanced skills and techniques used only in competition and development. Students need to have the desire, family support and drive to compete as well as have excellent listening skills, a good work ethic, strength, flexibility and basics.

All Students should wear movable clothing; Leotard, T-shirts tucked in, no jewelry, hair tied back and socks are optional.

Parent or Guardian must fill out the membership packet and release forms before attending any classes at SRGC. Click below for Printable Version.

Membership form PDF

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