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Santa Rosa Gymnastics takes pride in our positive, non-pressured coaching, and our very supportive atmosphere. Our goal is for each gymnast to attain her full potential and achieve  her goals, whatever that my be.

On attaining competitive status:  Our team program is designed especially for the gymnast seeking to compete in the sport of gymnastics and possible continuation onto the college level.

Gymnasts can attain competitive status through our developmental fast tracked program. Gymnasts enter developmental classes,  (Jumping June Bugs, Mini Mites and Level 1); these are 3 specially designed classes which are more strongly structured and team bound. These classes quickly teach the gymnast more advanced techniques and prepare her to enter competition at Level 2.  Gymnasts may continue up through Level 10 by achieving the qualification score and acquiring the required skills.

For that gymnast who is at level B but can not commit to the training or fees on the developmental teams (levels 4-10), we offer our recreational, Xcel Team.

Level 2-5 Gymnastic Teams:

These are compulsory levels, that each gymnast must perform the exact same routine established by the USA Gymnastic Organization. Currently we are full in most of our teams. Placement into these teams are by invitation and evaluation only. Contact Alexis Shipe, the Compulsory Director.

The Level 4 & 5 Team is an Basic & Intermediate compulsory team which trains 11 hours per week and competes Locally and State wide, from August through December. Gymnasts must be at least 6 years old to compete and the student teacher ratio is 10:1. Our coaches for this team are Alexis Shipe, and Dan Stewart.

Level 6-10 Gymnastic Teams:

These are Optional Level Competitive teams. These gymnasts must perform certain mandatory elements within their level, composed around special choreographed and individual routines.  (All routines choreographed by Darcie Fellows) Currently we have limited space in our Optional Level Teams, call for more information. Darcie Fellows is the Optional Head coach and Director.

The Level 6  Team is a beginning Optional Level which trains 11 hours per week and competes Locally and State Wide. Gymnasts must be at least 8 years old to compete at this level and the student teacher ratio is 8:1. This team is coached by Darcie Fellows & Kelsey Taylor.

The Level 7 & 8 Teams are Intermediate and Advanced Optional levels which train 13 hours per week and compete Locally, Regionally and Nationally. Level 9, is the level which gymnasts start preparing for their college career. It is the minimum level which a gymnast needs to be in order to be placed onto a college team. Gymnasts must be at least 9 years old to compete. The student teacher ratio is 8:1 and the coach of these teams is Darcie Fellows & Kelsey Taylor

The Level 9 & 10 Team is a highly Advanced level Optional Team, which trains 16 hours per week and competes Locally, State wide, Regionally & Nationally. The student teacher ratio is 6:1 and coached by Darcie Fellows & Kelsey Taylor.  

All Optional level and Xcell team Routine Choreography is done by Darcie Fellows. She has 22 years of experience, choreographing gymnastic floor routines, beam routines, dance, cheer and pagent routines. She has done award winning routines for Nationally ranked Gymnasts and Cheerleaders; and has won many awards for her group routines, as well as 2 first place finishes at the USAIGC National team event. She has also won Choreographer of the year for NorCal in 1999 and 2001.

Darcie also does custom music mixing and cutting. Call  or email her at 525-1720 , to inquire about pricing for Choreography or Music.

Former Santa Rosa Gymnasts who went on to a

Gymnastics College Career.......

Sarina WIlliams......Sacramento State D1

Laura Petersen.......UC Davis D1

RoseAnn Braustein......UC Davis D1

Teresa Baldasarri........University of Oshkosh Wisconsin D3

Wendy Staple........University of Conneticut  D2

Tori Quandt........University of Washington  D1

Joanna Bennett.......UC Berkeley   D1

Laura Fauss......... Airforce Academy   D1

"Take control of your destiny. Believe in yourself, ignore those who try to discourage you, avoid negative sources, people, places, things, and habits. Don't give up and don't give in."

Xcel Teams:

This is a perfect fit for that gymnast who was on a developmental team (Level 4-10) but wants to cut back on training and competition, and does not want to quit yet. Also for that gymnast who is at least  Level B and desires a less demanding competitive experience. There are 5 levels in this division: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Entry into these teams are by invitation and evaluation only. Alexis Shipe is the Head Coach and Xcel Director.

The Bronze level Xcel  team trains 1.5 hours per week and competes in 3-4 local meets per year. They can qualify to States.  The Bronze Xcel team is coached by Amy Fryling,  Pat Jackson and McKenna Ramiro

The Level 3 Team is a basic and entry level compulsory team which trains 6 hours per week and competes locally. Gymnasts must be 5 years old and the student teacher ratio is 10:1. Our coaches for this team are Amy Fryling, and Alexis Shipe

The Silver, Gold & Platinum Level Xcel Team’s trains 4-6 hours per week . They both compete in 4-5 local meets per year and can qualify to States and Regionals. These teams are coached by Alexis Shipe, and Pat Jackson.

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