Private Lessons.....


Upon request students of any age or level may get private lessons from any of our certified staff.  Whether your desire is to attain a certain skill, advance through the levels more rapidly or fine tune the skills you already have; our staff can get you where you want to be!

SRGC recommends that students start with one half hour, once a week session; and then if need be, add more time. Times and days vary depending upon instructor availability. All private lessons must occur during regular business hours.

Prices vary depending on the coach or instructor, and level or skill desired. Prices range from $30-$45 per half hour, payable directly to the instructor. In addition to the instructors fees, there is a one time $35 membership fee for current SRGC members, payable to SRGC, and this fee is required monthly for non-members (those who do not attend current classes).

Non-members must fill out entire release forms as well as the private lesson agreement. Parents must sign release forms, before students may go on the floor. SRGC members need only sign the private lesson agreement.

Students or adults from other all star cheer gyms or gymnastics centers, must have written permission from their coach, instructor or owner if seeking private lessons from SRGC. We reserve the right to decline instruction to any cheerleader, instructor or gymnast who may result in becoming a conflict of interest to the club.

Call the office to schedule your private lesson. If you have a specific instructor in mind for your private, be sure to mention that to our office staff.

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