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We have 2 types of classes for the very young gymnast. Classes are divided by age and child development. We believe at this sponge like and fast learning time in their young lives, that it is necessary to create the correct learning environment for each stage of your child’s development

Gym Play Class:
( Parent Participation )

This is the first stage of classes and is for children crawling to age 3. Children during these years are acquiring new sills at a phenomenal rate. This 45 minute, non-structured class will help them to explore and master developmentally appropriate skills in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. The class allows children to begin to learn about their bodies and their motor skills. They will also learn what it’s like to be part of a class: sharing, taking turns, and interacting with other young children. Often, these classes are the child’s first introduction to group structure and being around other children.

Parents play a vital role in providing their child the security to explore this new world. For this reason, both child and parent work together through imaginative play, movement concepts, and obstacle courses filled with fun, exciting, and colorful learning equipment. All activities are done under the supervision of one of our certified staff members. These classes may be attended on a drop in basis or by purchasing a discount package in advance.
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Tumble Bug Classes:

These classes are for children who are 3 to 5 years old and are 45 minutes long. There is a student ratio of 7:1. Classes are designed for children who are able to separate from their parents and enjoy the
independence of learning gymnastic skills under the direction of a certified instructor.

Equipment is selected and modified to meet the needs of these younger gymnasts and to promote development of sensory-motor skills. All of the equipment is scaled down for their size, to swing, roll, balance and climb. Listening skills and group involvement are also taught and enhanced, which helps build abilities necessary for future physical and academic success.

These classes will include instruction on all gymnastic events including trampoline. They will also use a multitude of instructional mats and gym toys to make learning fun. Working in obstacle courses, these young gymnasts are organized on the basis of age, and ability. They will work with their certified instructor in a fun, positive, and structured atmosphere to help them further develop their gymnastic, motor and listening skills.

All Students should wear movable clothing; leotard, T-shirts tucked in, no buttons, zippers or snaps, no jewelry, hair tied back and socks are optional.

Santa Rosa Gymnastics Center & Elite Cheer Inc.

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